Why and by whom this site on Citroën SM


My name is Rens Wolters and I live in The Netherlands. Originally I was a DS fan but I got to know "hardcore" fans of the Citroën SM and was infected with the virus. At a certain moment I was able to buy an originally dutch car with chassis number 22. Which I no longer own, my present SM is an original dutch injection, the only one originally sold in "Or de Simiane". After organising several events with the dutch club I became member of the board of the Dutch club. Later a member of the board of the French club and as such it is my honor to preside the meetings of the international federation of SM clubs.


Why this site? Mainly because I needed to have a site for the international federation of Citroën SM clubs, where the pictures, minutes of meetings etc. could be found. Another reason is the list of chassis numbers Theo van der Laan gathered, refer to the separate page.
I found out it was possible to use citroen.sm
And of course it is a dream to have a mail address with @citroen.sm

if you want to reach me.
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